Hearing the softly spoken soul speak...

I have recently changed my shop's name. I was originally selling as JenniAnne Creations, but as my journey as evolved, I wanted a name more reflective of my product & direction. Soulspeak & Sawdust is just that!

When I was a child, the right chord in a song would bring tears to my eyes. As a teen, the right image would evoke a powerful lump in my throat. As an adult, I am still torn between the need to be a responsible, productive member of society and the overwhelming desire to let my soul speak through artistic expression.

The truth is, this shop is as much for me as it is for you, the shopper. Yes, you come to this place to hopefully find something wonderful, something you want, need, can't survive without. You browse, maybe favorite, and potentially buy. (And I am very grateful for any, all!, of that). But before the item ever hits these cyber shelves, it's a thought in my heart, a voice in my inner core, softly churning, just waiting for the moment when I let it speak. The items I offer for sale here are those words, in form of wood, paint or an image. The items I offer for sale here are the songs my soul has been begging to sing for ages. I hope you can hear the music!

Originally, I only offered photography, but have recently expanded to wood signs. I have a small workshop in my basement, some handy dandy tools and enough paint & artistic fire in my heart to keep me going for years. I have lofty dreams of some day having a brick & mortar stage for my soul speak, but for now, I'm building this shop, and am so excited to watch it grow!

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